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iPad Repair Colchester

Tablets and iPads are becoming an everyday item over laptops. Tablets come in many shapes and sizes. Here AH Services & Repairs in Colchester we will try and fix them all. From the no name Chinese tablets to popular big brands like Samsung Tabs, Nexus, Tesco Hudl, Windows surface tablets, Transformer pads, iPads and many more.

Tablet Screen Repair Colchester

Screen repairs on some tablets are significantly cheaper than others as most tablet touchscreens are not fully adhered to the LCD Display. In most cases the Front glass brakes that is adhered to the touchscreen only which is then glued into a frame or housing.  Most iPads and iPad minis are made the same way. iPad air 2 is the first iPad that has got fully bonded screen assembly (LCD, Touchscreen and front glass). If you can still see a picture on the your device without any lines or brakes it is likely that the inly the front screen (touchscreen and front glass) needs to be fixed.

Charging ports (often micro usb) are common things to brake on tablets. In most cases these are soldered directly onto the main circuit board. It requires a set of skills to remove the old connector and solder a new one on. Here at AH Services & Repairs we have the skills and the right tools to bring your tablet back to life. Occasionally you will find if you hold the charging wire in a certain angle, the tablet will still charge. iPads use a different connectors they are known to collect fluff and stop the lighting connector connecting fully and Preventing your iPad from charging. It is more common in iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

Tablet Charging Port Repair Colchester

Tablets that are used regularly have been known to deplete the battery quickly after some month of use. Batteries can be replaced in most cases, especially on popular brands. Samsung tabs/tablets, Nexus tablets, ASUS Tablets are easier to purchase genuine batteries for where is some lesser known brand tablets will have generic aftermarket lithium batteries. Wherever possible we supply high quality or genuine replacements. Be it screens batteries or any other components.

No matter how little or big the problem is we are here to fix your Laptop, Desktop PC, iPad, iPod, and mobile phone in our Workshop at 18 Hunwicke Road Shopping Centre, Hunwicke Road, Colchester, Essex, CO4 3XZ.

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